Kampong Java Road Kopar at Newton Condo

The Kampong Java is located at the intersection of Bukit Timah Road and Kampong Java Road. The hospital was built in 1924 and was originally on the other side of Kampong Java Road. The current structure was developed in 1997. Kampung Java Park is behind the hospital at the intersection of Kavanagh and Bukit Timah drive.

Kampong Java Road History

The site of the recreation center was originally a Christian cemetery, moved from Fort Canning in 1865, and remained here until 1908. That year, the graveyard moved and joined the Bidadari cemetery. The location of the old cemetery was changed to the current Kampung Java Park in 1973. The real estate specialists stated that the premiere was something under their wishes, which reflects the conscious trends of real estate developers. The premiere of US $ 418.8 million came from CELH Development, a unit of the construction and property engineer registered in Singapore Chip Eng Seng Corp. GuocoLand made the second-largest offer of $ 417.24 million.

Bid for Kampong Java Bid Kopar at Newton

The highest bid for Kampong Java was significantly lower than the closure of the Fort Avenue site, which Allgreen Properties bought for $ 1,540 per square foot per plot. The new transmission on Forth Avenue is known as Fourth Avenue Residences and was pushed to be purchased not too long ago. Also, it was inferior to the location of Jiak Kim Street, which Frasers Property purchased for $ 1,733 per year in December 2017. The future project will be known as Rivière. The newest development will be called Kopar at Newton.

It was noted that Kampong Java GLS is the mainland package in the confirmed summary that will be prepared for sensitivity, as guidelines for the minimum average unit size were provided in October 2018. The site can be formed in other private condominiums of 436 units that gave the maximum total area At 350,914 square feet, Kampong Java has been the leading private residential land on the confirmed list of land management agreements (GLS) that has been prepared for submission since the minimum guidelines for average unit size in October, says Tricia Song, director of research at Colliers International for Singapore.

Kopar at Newton Kampong Java Road

As Colliers International explained to real estate departments, developers rely on them to maintain accuracy in protecting the land after the new cooling measures in July. Tenders for two land packages at Kampong Java Road and Tampines Avenue 10 were closed on January 15 of next year. Given the lack of supply of new EC and the strong demand from buyers, developers will have an increasingly perfect view of the EC offer.…