Falling Mortgage Interest Rates

The falling of the mortgage will be one of the most important problems facing the Obama government. Finding a reasonable decision will not be simple. A balanced and beneficial response will be required for both mortgage holders and credit institutions. Although there is no magic answer to such a complex issue, here are some ideas I trust that Washington should think about.

Mortgage transferred top rate.

The facts show that the most stringent current loan requirements and gradually conservative credit limits have killed mainly this type of progress, primarily only the mortgage plots that cause such difficulty. Anyway, there is still an arm available, which attracts buyers who have to extend their money to become mortgage owners. The problem with Armenia is that it is abnormal. Initially, it was proposed to give a method for first-time buyers to create credit so that they can become a flat rate advance at the end of three or five years.

Today, however, many borrowers in Armenia cannot discover permanent financing and are receiving higher or rubber payments that require the principal to be paid in full. This is why the actions of Armenia still have a destabilizing effect on the entire land market.

Loan professionals require you to refinance Armenia to fixed mortgage loans.

The government should ask the banks not to exclusively refinance Armenia after the fixed-rate advances began, in addition to making variable advance adjustments to extend the useful life of the rise so that borrowers can pay regularly scheduled payments. This would allow many real estate agents to gradually avoid giving them up, which would earn loan specialists.

Overvalued Real Estate Revaluation

Real estate brokers in the pockets of Arizona, Florida, California, and Nevada, and several regions must be reassessed as housing costs showed a sudden increase in value in 2005 and 2006 to revalue their properties to reflect current conditions From the market. Banks should be required to change most of these problematic mortgages to fixed-rate credits based on the fundamentals of the new examination. At the same time, lenders must extend the preconditions to ensure that the capital is paid in full.

Extended credit loans with closing points

Banks should stop extending credit bonds for the accumulated value of the home above 100 percent of the estimated present value and gradually begin to take reasonable measures. They should provide lines of credit for actions based on real effects on the property, rather than evaluating land.

Give charge credits to mortgage holders who pay on time.

Existing borrowers in mortgage payment plans must be compensated with rate assignments. Such an advance package would help the average US mortgage holder in this emergency in the current budget.


The emergency mortgage is the result of the default of the mortgage loans by the owners. Therefore, the loss of their homes. Joint mortgage programs are designed to address the increasing number of dropouts that occur throughout the country. Without a critical aid package for the government owner, a breakdown of the mortgage could generate between four and five thousand expropriations. The owners plan to establish a path and structure for the credit settlement process, which until now has been mostly disorganized.

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