Privacy Policy

This document explains the privacy policy of Setaloca Real Estate Website’s family of companies.  It describes how our companies collect, use and disclose your personal data.

This Privacy Policy Covers

  • The data gathering/utilization practices of our employees and the companies we own and/or control.  However, it doesn’t cover privacy policies of websites/services we link to.
  • How we treat collected personal data we obtain when you communicate with us or access/use “Setaloca Real Estate Website services,” including digital services, applications and websites.

How We Use Collected Information

We use your personal information to:  communicate with you; send you marketing materials concerning our services and products; give you information about selected third-party offerings; help our employees and partners provide products/services to you and those you name; verify your identity and provide you with safe payment processing; statistically analyze the users of Setaloca Real Estate Website Services, in order to improve our product/service offerings, develop our business plans and to generally inform potential business partners about our users, by profiling them, noting how often each user uses services and by determining how many users there are; and to help authorities and third parties investigate and prosecute users suspected of wrongdoing.

What You Consent to Under This Privacy Policy

  1. The collection, utilization and disclosure of your personal information by Setaloca Real Estate Website and its family of companies for  the aforementioned reasons.
  2. The sharing of your personal data within Setaloca Real Estate Website’s family of companies and affiliates.  This includes transferring  information out of Singapore to other Setaloca Real Estate Website companies for the reasons previously listed.

Opting Out

If you want to opt-out of our data collection, use and disclosure practices, please inform us.  You can also opt-out of our marketing by following the included instructions and clicking the “unsubscribe” links on our e-newsletters.

Accessing and/or Correcting Your Personal Data

Your personal data can be accessed through your account(s).  Here, it can be updated at any time.  You can also update your information by writing to us.

How “Private” is Your Personal Information?

We only share your personal information with third parties for the aforementioned reasons and in other cases when you consent to it.  Also, we will never rent or sell your information to others.

How is Your Information Protected?

Since your account(s) is/are password protected, no one else can alter your information…not even regular Setaloca Real Estate Website employees.  Only authorized Setaloca Real Estate Website staff, with assigned passwords and user IDs, can access gathered information.  Also, transmitted data is protected by SSL- encryption.  It is important to remember, however, that we are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred as a result of you failing to properly log out of your account, the mishandling of your password, or those resulting from disclosing your password to others.

Privacy Policy Changes

This privacy policy may be changed by Setaloca Real Estate Website at any time.  When and if this happens, we will announce it on our website.  You accept that this is sufficient notice of such changes and that, by continuing to use our services/products after this notice, you are accepting the modified policy.

Cookies, Web Beacons and Other User/Ad-Targeting Technologies

We utilize user tracking technologies, like cookies and web beacons, to gather information about you on our sites.  These tell us how many users we have, their online habits, how often they use our sites and enable us to better tailor our advertising to their interests.  With that said, our user/ad-targeting technologies do not personally identify you.

It’s possible to decline cookies in your browser settings.  Also, note that European Union residents aren’t tracked or targeted with persistent cookies.


This privacy policy, in regards to information protection, is governed by the laws of Singapore.  We will comply with any lawful authority’s information request that pertains to law enforcement activities.

Contacting Setaloca Real Estate Website

Any questions concerning Setaloca Real Estate Website’s policies or requests to examine personal data gathered will be answered by our Data Protection Officer.